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Playing the Game of Penny Slots

Across the world, the slot machine is probably the most popular game being played in any casino today. Thousand are getting interested in this exciting casino game and statistics show that almost 70% of the casino profit comes from this game alone. In Nevada it is a fact that a slot machine caters to about eight of its residents.

The Penny Slot Nowadays, lots of casino operators prefer to operate on more sophisticated and advanced type of computerized slot machines for their business, which can accept bills tokens and tickets with bar codes. With these type of slot machines, the game became more expensive. A few years ago, some casinos made a huge effort to encourage more players to play the slot machine, with a cheaper playing amount. The new types of slot machines usually asks for more coins per line, exceeding the player's capacity most of the time, even when it was brought down to the nickel coins. Some casinos finally lowered it even more down to a penny, the lowest in the U.S. currency denomination.

So, the penny slot machine came into being. The introduction of the penny slot machines brought lots of interests to casino players since its name suggests only a penny for a slot game. However, though the name suggest the nature of its game, it is not true otherwise. Playing on a penny slot machine is not that cheap after all, because it will more that a penny to win in this kind of slot.

Actually, it can even surpass the number of maximum coins being required in the 3- coin dollar slot machine, for the penny slot machine's spin that requires its maximum coins. A Single spin could amount to about $16 in a penny slot machine that requires a maximum wager of 1,600 coins. Though this is not the actual value per spin in a casino, this is not far from the average amount, since penny slot game today have 20 line on them that needs 50 pennies for every line. Still, that will be $10 for a single spin.

Some gambling writers called the penny slot as "a wolf in sheep's clothing", because though it may seem so low and affordable, penny slot has the capability to draw out all the player's money and make him dry. Playing the penny slot either online or in the real casino, can be so habit forming, so be aware to stop from this kind of game if you feel you are being driven to addictive playing with the penny slot.