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Win the Biggest Progressive Slot Jackpots from Megabucks

Playing the game of slot machine is fun since it allows a gambler to play a casino game without the commitment of learning the basic strategies and mechanics to play the game. This is because slot machines are easy to play and any type of gambler can always play this game without the need to acquire the skills to win.

Slot machines are available at varieties of denominations. This caters to gamblers with different bankroll capacity that allows them to play for a coin denomination that is friendly to their budget. Slot machines are also designed with more pay lines and reels to play for that gives slot players the advantage of hitting the jackpot.

But what makes the slot machine more enticing is the big amount of jackpot that can be won from it. The highest payout from a slot machine game is taken from the progressive slot games. Progressive slot machines are numerous in land casinos which are formed as a network of slot machines connected to a single server that accumulates the total amount of coins being played on each slot machine to take a certain percentage to form a progressive slot jackpot.

The most popular progressive slot game is the Megabucks. This is a progressive slot game that comes with 5 reels and 60 pay lines. Megabucks is tagged as the most consistent progressive slot game that offers the largest slot jackpot that can offer an amount that can be won from the lottery.

The Megabucks progressive jackpot is known to change the life of its winner big time. The progressive jackpot amount can be won between $8,000,000 to more than $39,000,000. The Megabucks is perhaps the only progressive slot game that can win a player a multimillion dollar jackpot just like the lottery.

Players of Megabucks can play this progressive slot game along with the million dollar dream of winning from a lottery in an instant. The Megabucks however has a payback percentage of 90% which is far better than winning the lotto at 52% payback percentage.

Playing the Megabucks will cost a player from a dollar or more coin bets. But if the player does not win the Megabucks progressive jackpot they can still win a sizeable amount from its regular payout schedule. To win the progressive jackpot of Megabucks the players need to play the maximum number of pay lines but Megabucks can be played at a $0.01 denomination coin making it more affordable to players with a limited bankroll funds to play the Megabucks progressive slots.

Just as any slot game, prudent gambling must always be observed when playing the Megabucks because it can undoubtedly offer slot gamblers the biggest progressive slot jackpots but at a cost. There is no Megabucks online version thus this progressive game of slot is available only in land casinos.