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Simplified Slots Tips for Wannabe Professionals

If you want to be a professional slot player then we have very good news. Becoming a professional is as simple as playing slots. Here are some tips so you can work your way to becoming a slot professional.

First tip: master the skill of slot machine identification. There are different types of slot machines you can find on a single casino floor. If there is an indispensable skill every slot professional has it is this one. You should be able to tell which slot machine is a progressive machine and which ones are not. You should learn to read pay tables to get ahead of the herd of other wannabe professionals.

Second tip: shop different casinos for their comps. Millions of dollars are given away each year by casinos in the form of comps. Don't you think you're entitled to your share in that huge amount of money? If you want to be a slot professional then you ought to sign up for a slots club card and get your share out of the whole deal.

Third tip: know where not to play. Never play on slot machines at the airport, supermarket, bar, or restaurant. Every slot professional knows they are tight.

Fourth tip: what you should do before you walk away. Make it a habit to press the slot machine's cash out button before leaving.

Fifth tip: what to do after winning the jackpot. You've just won the slot machine jackpot? Did the slot machine pay in full? Check it out and don't get over elated, it is your right and obligation to have the slot attendant pay you in full if the slot machine just made a partial payment due to lack of coins. If you insert more money before collecting your winnings, then part of the jackpot is gone.

Sixth tip: learn your manners. Learn proper etiquette since you want to become a professional slot player. When you see a slot machine is reserved or someone just took a break then don't break in and play on that machine. If you're the one who needs to take a break then ask a casino supervisor to reserve the machine for you.

Seventh tip: defrost your frozen fingers. If your machine is cold then by all means, find another one. Don't get your finger frozen on the spin button.

Eighth tip: the plastic is extra burden. Casinos and credit cards don't mix especially. Bring a fixed amount for your bankroll and save yourself from a lot of debt, that is the way of the professionals.

Becoming a professional slot player is as easy as playing the game. If you want to be a professional then work your way through discipline and learning the game inside out.